The Minds.

At Like Minds, we are about more than just interior design; we’re committed to reshaping the landscape of design, and look to create deep connections along the way.
With a people-centric philosophy, we ensure we understand and meet your unique needs, to bring your concept to life.


Like Minds® team.

Our Values.

1. Reliability

At LikeMinds, reliability is not just a value; it’s our foundation. We understand the importance of trust and consistency in our relationships with clients. Guided by a commitment to partnership, we prioritize meeting deadlines and adhering to budgets without compromise. Our client-centric approach ensures that their needs always come first, and our unwavering dedication to reliability earns us their trust time and time again. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, clients can count on us to be dependable, trustworthy, and consistent in every aspect of our work.

2. Creativity

Creative ingenuity is not just about creating exceptional spaces. It is the correlation of all components of a design project. It is the challenge of the new, the pushing of boundaries, the making the impossible possible.

3. Connection

With a well-established and respected network in the hospitality industry, we prioritize human interaction. Guiding our clients through every step, we approach our work with empathy and a people-focused mindset. We believe in building meaningful connections and fostering genuine relationships, ensuring that every client feels heard, understood, and valued.

David Veksler Founder | (Sales) Director

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I began my journey in high school with e-Tech, an online electronics distribution company, but found my true passion in the dynamic world of hospitality, leading over 600 design and fit-out projects. I prioritise building high-trust relationships in life, including with clients, suppliers, and my dedicated team at Like Minds. Beyond work, I’m dedicated to personal growth, enjoying time with family, and maintaining many interests from music to psychology to running. My recent endeavours include launching “Made by Workshop,” a bespoke joinery, creating and selling hospitality venues, and developing a wellness brand “One Remedy.” Through every venture, I embrace the lessons learned from overcoming challenges, which have shaped my resilient entrepreneurial spirit.


Gemma Chapman Founder | (Creative) Director

As an interior designer, my passion for art drives my work. I’m fascinated by how form, colour, and materiality come together to evoke emotion in a space. Interior design combines the creative allure of art with a human-centric purpose, which fuels my drive. There’s nothing quite like seeing a vision I’ve nurtured for months come to life in a venue. With over eight years of experience, I’ve witnessed countless ideas materialise into stunning realities through collaboration with clients and our talented team. From small cafes to grand hotels, my commitment to detail and client partnership ensures our interiors are as dynamic as our imagination.


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